Roads near stadium won’t be blocked during PSL matches, SHC told


KARACHI: Police authorities on Wednesday assured the Sindh High Court that two main thoroughfares near the National Stadium Karachi (NSK) would remain open during Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches.

However, the focal person of the Sindh home department, SP Traffic (East) and other police officials further said that at the time of arrival and departure of players they would make some security arrangements for a limited period.

When a two-judge bench headed by Justice Mohammad Ali Mazhar took up a petition against closure of roads around the NSK during matches, an assistant advocate general argued that the cricket series between Pakistan and South Africa had come to an end and thus the petition had become infructuous.

He submitted that the home department had also communicated different routes for public convenience in the media during the matches.

However, the lawyer for the petitioner submitted that now the PSL would start from Feb 20 and again the home department and police started blocking roads causing grave inconvenience to the public at large.

Police say some security measures would be taken for arrival, departure of cricket teams

The counsel further maintained that a road from the Karachi central prison to Nipa traffic intersection and Sir Shah Suleman Road heading towards Dalmia had been blocked.

However, the officials gave a clear statement that neither these roads were currently blocked nor it would be during the PSL, but some security arrangements would be made for a limited period at the time of arrival and departure of teams.

They undertook that the roads in question would not be blocked during the PSL.

The bench disposed of the petition since the provincial law officer also supported the joint statements.

Plea for mangroves’ protection

A federal law officer on Wednesday requested the same bench for time to file a reply regarding protection of mangroves in the islands of Bundal and Buddo along Karachi’s coast.

The lawyers for petitioners said that they did not want to press the clauses of their petitions regarding a presidential ordinance that had lapsed as per the statement of an additional attorney general.

However, they said the petitions also contained prayer clauses about protection of mangroves at Bundal and Buddo.

The bench adjourned the hearing till March 31 after the additional attorney general sought time.

The petitioners had challenged the ordinance to establish an authority for offshore islands of Sindh and Balochistan and particularly Bundal and Buddo islands.

Cultivation of vegetables using sewage

The SHC on Wednesday asked the petitioners to verify a progress report filed by the district administration about action taken against cultivation of vegetables through sewage in Malir and Korangi.

The additional deputy commissioners of Malir and Korangi districts filed reports in compliance with an earlier order passed on a set of petitions against cultivation of vegetables not fit for human consumption.

Both additional DCs submitted that they had cleared the areas while 25 cattle farms had also been dismantled in the Malir riverbed.

The bench directed the petitioners and their lawyers to confirm such reports and come prepared on March 25.