Desi Twitter is trolling WhatsApp headquarters after Facebook integration


User-by-user WhatsApp has started rolling out in-app notifications revealing an update in its Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Users were informed that the application was going to be handling their data in a distinctive manner, revealing a new partnership with Facebook.

Every user will, by Feb 8, have been presented with a screen that warns them that the app is “updating its terms and privacy policy”, according to an article in The Guardian, prompting users to cry foul over privacy issues.

The article also highlights how this announcement also underscores a hard truth: “if you’re a WhatsApp user, you’re a Facebook customer, and while the two services have historically been quite distinct, the process of integration only moves in one direction.”

The Facebook-owned messaging service has already started sending out ultimatum-like pop-up messages to users in some regions, asking them to accept the new privacy regulations or risk losing their accounts. This did not sit well with consumers who started looking for alternatives to the application.

Given the fiasco, WhatsApp shared a clarification, saying the change in its recently revised policy “does not affect privacy of messages with friends or family”. “Instead, this update includes changes related to messaging a business on WhatsApp.”

However, desi Twitter found the perfect opportunity to troll their headquarters on this occasion. Here are some of our favourite memes.

Deletes itself off the platform altogether

Extra guests at your celebrations

Or not..

You know they’re watching

And listening


Get well soon fam

Say no more