WhatsApp is selling user data to Facebook and Twitter doesn’t like that one bit


Earlier this week, user-by-user WhatsApp started rolling out in-app notifications revealing an update in its Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Users were informed that the application was going to be handling their data in a distinctive manner, revealing a new partnership with Facebook in offering integrations across the Facebook Company Product.

However surprisingly, this wasn’t a choice.

People who had been religiously using the application for years, had to agree to the new terms and policy by 8 February 2021 in order to continue using the application.

Naturally, this did not sit well with the public who took to Twitter to reveal their anger (and confusion) in most

In a nutshell

Elon Musk has some advice

Some have taken to extreme measures

While others had no idea

We’re in this together

…Or not

All business

We just gonna be here yelling our delivery orders

Sounds like most of us, right about now