This local food map will help you find some yummy desi eats


Divided through geographical locations and classified through province, the map covers food from all over Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab, Sindh, Kyhber-Pakhtunkhawa as well as Kashmir.

“This map is going to be the solution to everyday problems. At least now if someone asks you what to eat or cook today, then you are for sure going to pick from this list if you are truly a desi food lover,” says Altaf, as he focuses on domestic local foods easily available throughout the regions.

“When I started on data collection, many dishes appeared in front of me that I was unaware of,” he added, saying that he was excited to share the names with everyone.

From Punjabi Shakar Pary to Nargisi Kofta in Sindh, Pakhtun Kabuli Pulao to Gilgiti Diram Fitti, Balochi Dampukht and Kashmiri Shab-Daig – which one is your personal favourite?