Bets are accepted on fights between two opponents. The game continues until 5 victories have been achieved, thus there is a maximum of 9 rounds.

Terms of winning:

The winner is the fighter who kills their opponent.

Available markets:

    • On a round:
      • Win in round
      • Duration of round* (Over/Under)
      • Flawless Victory – Yes/No (the winner receives no damage from their opponent)
      • Types of finishing moves: Brutality, Fatality or No Fatality (Faction Kills are considered Fatalities).
      • *The duration of a round is the number of seconds since the start, which is obtained by subtracting the lowest number on the timer from 90 seconds (standard number on the timer at the start). Example: if the countdown stops on 74, the duration of the round is 90 – 74 = 16 seconds.
      • On a tournament:
        • Win in tournament
        • Total (Over/Under)
        • Fighter’s total (Over/Under)
        • Total of finishing moves by type (Over/Under).

Bets are accepted only in LIVE mode. All the matches are streamed online.

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