Chus Mateo: “It’s a challenge, a source of pride and a big responsibility”



“Being part of Real Madrid means being part of the best club in the world”, added the new coach of the basketball team.

Chus Mateo sat down with the club’s official media channels to give his first interview as Real Madrid coach and he had the following to say: “Being part of Real Madrid means being part of the best club in the world. It makes me proud and I’m overjoyed. It’s about being able to aspire to compete right up until the last moment for any trophy, battling until the end and fighting against adversity. It’s a challenge and a big responsibility.”

“My intention is to try and make all of the many people who follow us happy. I’m talking about those who endure and go through the defeats with us and who are delighted whenever we win. I’d be delighted to be part of all of those good times that the supporters want to see.”

 Playing style
“At Real Madrid, you’re always asked to win games, but I think that people like to see you playing well and that also gives you more chance of winning. I like my teams to play quick and team basketball and for us to be a team in which the players help each other and for there to be that chemistry that helps you to win games. I’d like us to be a team that defends and in which every player has the ability to make decisions. We’ll have to see about that and it depends on the roster that we assemble.”

“From the moment you set foot in this club, you’re taught that you’ve got to be fighting to win things and try to compete every day.”

“There’s one thing that the fans never forgive you for and that’s when you don’t give your all. At Madrid, you’ve always got to give your all.”

Knowing the locker room 
“It’s an advantage. My role has changed and the important thing, above all else, is that the chemistry is there, that we have a good group that helps each other and where people are able to put their egos to one side and put the team first and that we all pull in the same direction.”

Did you imagine being Real Madrid coach?
“You’ve always got that one thing that excites you. I started out at the Agustiniano school and you can never imagine what life has in store for you. I’ve always been a big madridista and have enjoyed watching all of Real Madrid basketball team’s games and I was hooked from a very young age. I’m  excited and it’s a dream come true to be part of this stage of the club’s history.”