How to play

Try your luck – taste one of Snow White’s apples!

    • Place a bet. The initial stake is determined before the start of a game.
    • The maximum stake is 1115.09 EUR, the minimum stake is 0.2 EUR.
    • There are 10 rows of 5 cells in front of you. Each cell contains an apple. Apples can be bad (apple core) or good (whole).
    • Now try to guess where good apples are hidden! Open one cell at each of the 10 levels.
    • If you open a cell with a whole apple, your winnings increase and you can proceed to the next level.
    • If you open a cell with an apple core, you lose and the game is over.
    • You can stop and take your winnings at any level.

If you experience any problems, please contact us within 3 days of finishing the game.

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